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It's all about the food..

(nom, nom, it's always been about the food)

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Staying with Mrs Mills' Yurts means you'll be provided or recommended only the best food and drink.  The local area is teeming with local producers that we have hand-picked with care.  Many of the suggestions of things to do involve food and there are some fantastic options on our doorstep.

On the first morning you wake up you'll be provided with a fabulous hamper full of local produce delivered to your yurt with tea or coffee.

Mrs Mills can often be found sneaking into the cocktail cabinet at various times of the day (and it's just not good form to drink alone).  Having planted an edible hedgerow  last summer, the cocktails may be experimental! Apparently Oak seeped vodka is delicious.

If its not time for a drinky-poo then proper tea, in a proper tea pot and a bun should hit the spot. Complimentary tea and treats are served  in the Snug daily. 

At dinner time its over to you.  We provide a wood-burner and pots to cosily cook with inside, or start a barbecue in the fire bowl and drink in the views.   We also have double gas cookers available, if patience fails you, and home-cooked delights to take away.

We have a fabulous local farm shop that we can arrange catering boxes from and a fridge in the communal kitchen to keep it all cold.  

Order a lunch in a vintage hamper for a lovely picnic on May hill.  We provide various options from a simple cheese sandwich in brown paper for your pocket to a far more glamorous champagne  and strawberry spread.


If you want some great food tourism then here couldn't be better.  If you like eating and drinking nice things then that's just grand too!   Since we moved here all I have done is seek out the best places to eat, the real bread, the microbreweries, the smoke houses.  You will be recommended the best in the area.  Its all about the little guys, the slow movement and thinking a little about where and how our food is produced. Here are a few ideas right on our doorstep....

The Forest Bakehouse      
Local Bakery serving Real Sourdough  

Severn & Wye Smokery   
The best smoked salmon ever and fabulous dinner options

Hillside Brewery             
Micro brewery, award winning, next door!

Hart's Barn Cookery School   
A must-do day activity.

VQ Country Wines 
Making country wines taste delicious.

Three Choirs Vineyard 
Fab vineyard tours and great food.

Bespoke Brewery 
Another super local microbrewery with a pub!

Weston's Cider 
A must-visit on the Hereford Cider trail.