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If the trailer's rockin'... don't come knockin'

This looks a lot happier than it was...Stiff upper lip.
Moving day was as stressful as they get.  The cat nearly karked it and we ran out of space in the lorry.   The leaving deadline was looming, the hoover blew up and the bullish buyers ended up with the garden in the kitchen.

As we watched the London radio stations disappear one by one, we arrived in Longhope left with GFM Radio – the Bee Gees faded into an advert for a Varicous vein convention in Gloucester.

We arrived as the sun was going down and decided to run for the comfort of Alisons for stew and wine whille poor Hedges trekked back to London in the Emergency removal van.  Thank you Matthew, Ali & Steve it was a big day that we won't be doing again for a while.

A mammoth day awaited us. 

So I spent the first week making our beat up ol' caravan into a home. I feel like a big fat gypsy that constantly polishes everything and shouts at the men for bringing dirt in.

Then Gary, Steve & I started the big clear out and a constant bonfire.

Then the boys got to play with some toys.  Gary got his from Ebay for £80 and Steve borrowed his and broke it within an hour.

We decided we needed to get the grass cut.  Not fancying tackling 8 acres with the petrol mower we have got some of the local boys to help us out.

As I type this we are serenaded by the grunts and moans of the bulls and Gary is running around in the yard to find an escaped calf.  Brilliant.

We have had lots of fun with visitors to.  Gemma and Matt braved it in the mouldy front room but we drank lots of Gin beforehand.  Cleo, Kev & Luca came for lunch and their Range Rover looked right at home, Denis called in for Fish & Chips & Champagne on his way home from Biking and Karen & Tony walked up May Hill and braved barbed wire & bulls.  Linda has become our resident gardener and I will be the most attentive student every fortnight.  We'd love to see you all here soon and the caravan is really rather cosy these days.

As far as the house goes we are 4 weeks away from plans getting to the council and I am off to meet the key neighbours who own the small patch of land we think would be great for the yurts.
I have been told they will be the most anti our plans.
Having decided this is the way we can make this house survive we are now worried about what the neighbours will think. 

I’ll have to pull a mighty cake out of the bag for this one...

And one last one for the heart strings... 
Our first guest...