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"It's like Gotham city down there'

A greater-spotted Stuffbum
We've been here for just over a month.
The lesser horseshoe bats have been here a lot longer.  Apparently they are more important to the world than two extra bedrooms in the attic or for Gary's parents to live in the barn so all planning applications or repair work has been halted until their flight paths have been determined. We are considering re-determining their flight paths with tennis rackets.
The cellar has been renamed Gotham City.

It's all been about getting the planning applications in this month.  Every day we find another report to write (Flood Risk, Transport impact, Habitat, Lighting) The Bat Survey has had us halted.  There is Bat poo in the cellar, attic & barn.  We now have to wait for a bunch of stoned Biology students to come out on three separate occasions, at 2am to watch the house.  The princely sum for this is £2800.  They then tell us how and when we can do the restoration - the Horseshoe Bats are so particular you have to leave them be.  
Who'd of thunk that Bats might put a stop on us....

I'm still making cakes and visiting the neighbours to say hello.   I may reconsider my tactics though. My cakes seem to not be doing so well.

We were planning on having a rainwater harvest tank.  But then Gary found our well.  Under a manhole at the back of our kitchen-to-be.  Its 7m deep and full of water.  We lowered a cup into its murky depths and returned with clear, cool water.  Gary took a gulp (idiot) but he didn't die.  Today we had an environment officer out from the council to test it, then all we need is a pump and pipes and away we go. Mains free.  Free water.  Mr Mills' spring water from Dursley Cross Farm....
The pump with Victorian tap

The well.
(is that Bender at the top?!)
We can treat the water so we can drink it.

Always safety conscious
We are so bogged down in planning and are really restricted with what we can do without getting in trouble.     I have been sat at the computer all day, writing reports to go to planning and working out if the access is safe from the road.  Gary has been stripping horrible lime plaster and digging holes with Bethany to inspect the foundations of the barn. Steve has been stripping ivy off the barn.  There is so much to do - and then we wait 8 weeks for Listed Building consent before we can do anything else.  We have done budget number 463 which definitely confirms we do not have enough budget. We will have to send Arthur up the chimneys and I'm entertaining shelf stacking at Morrisons. 

Suzie and Shorty came for the weekend and were amazing respite for us.  They came with all the spirit lifting needed and we lifted a lot of spirits (Gin, mainly).  Its when our friends & family come that we can actually really enjoy the house and where we've moved to.  We walked all day through picture perfect woodland, stopping for some darn good grub and a fair few local ales.  We then staggered through more fields to a not so picturesque roadside pub so the boys could drink jagerbombs.  Classy.  It was the most incredible weekend and gave us all the imputus needed to get on with it all this week.
'I'll go the easy way...'
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A few 'before' shots....

Linda & Steve's Barn
(just a lick of paint really)

Looking back on the main house, kitchen & The Old Cider House

The Old Cider House
This will be the communal area for the campers.
Comfy sofas, honesty tea shop, log burner

Its not as though we thought it would be easy; but the more involved we get, the more heartbreaking it will be if we aren't allowed to do what we want.  Gary's parents are 100% committed too and renting while we wait for permission that might not even be granted.  
Especially if the lesser stuffbums get their way.